Pots and planters have already proved their worth over the years in your garden. For example, moving pots is much easier than moving a 3 x 3 meter breeding tank to give an example. In addition, you have much more control over how your garden looks in every season throughout the year, just think of flower bulbs, perennials, yearlings, and everything in jars and pots.

Pots are available in the most lending forms, materials and colors, but have you ever thought of using an old zinc basin as a large pot or an old zinc gutter as a planter? You can make planting bins and pots from the most diverse items with the added advantage that your pots and garden have a unique look. Why would you throw your old soup cans away if you can also use them as a flower pot?

Recycling these types of materials ultimately helps to create a cleaner environment. The reuse of old stuff, such as a zinc tub, also evokes a sense of nostalgia. Especially in people who are still washed in such a tub or where the mother still did the laundry in a basin with a washboard. As long as that has not been done yet, it seems like an eternity.

aardbeien-in-dakgootOr what about a beautiful border in your garden that is housed in an old gutter. Here, too, you contribute with the recycling of materials that would otherwise go into the incinerator and it is also fun. An additional advantage is that this boarder can be mounted or hung at any height.

Incidentally, working with recycled pots and bins is perfect for use in small gardens and on balconies because these types of bins are easy to move and often take less space.

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