– Cookie Policy

COOKIES requires that the visitor’s computer accepts a session cookie. This session cookie contains the session ID number that identifies the visitor to the store, separate from other visitors. The session cookie does not contain any personal identity information, and is so anonymous that a 3rd party can not use anything from the cookie to identify the visitor in any way.
In a traditional configuration, and by definition, this session cookie expires at the end of the visitor’s session in the browser, or at a predetermined time (usually 24 minutes) after their last “click”, whichever comes first.

The session ID is only used to recognize what the visitor did during their visit to the store. This includes things such as: whether the visitor has put something in their shopping cart, whether they have registered, and allows them to continue through the cash register.

Store managers who change the original code, by using addons / plugins, custom code, additional HTML templates, adding javascript segments, etc, can be involved in additional tracking and the use of extra cookies for broader purposes than itself. configuration and activity of each store is unique to their own implementation. Each retailer is responsible for their own use of the software and the addons / plugins / external code or otherwise change them.